Mascara Filling Machine
Mascara Filling Machine


Semi Automatic Nozzle Mascara Filling Machine

Semi Automatic 12 Nozzle Mascara Filling Machine
Our company has abundant experience in manufacturing in Semi-Auto 12 Nozzle Mascara Filling Machine.

  1. Semi Automatic Nozzle Mascara Filling Machine can fill 12 containers at the same time + suction valve + diving nozzle.
  2. Manual insert containers and brushes.
  3. Filling volume could adjust easily,when the filling volume is 13g, filling precision is ±0.3g.
  4. Semi Automatic Nozzle Mascara Filling Machine is control by Interface, PLC.
  5. Two 60L tank , easy to change material.When the material isn't enough the tank will alarm.
  6. Semi Automatic Nozzle Mascara Filling Machine with 2 working tables: One is for insert blush+cap, another is for collect finished products.
  7. Two conveyers: One is for empty containers, another is for finished products.
  8. Automatic individual capping system. It could reaction the elastic of capping device and avoid breaking the caps.
  9. The 25 filling moulds are easy to switch.
Electrical : 220V 1Ø / 380V 3Ø
Power : 2 KW
Target : Mascara, Eyeliner and high viscosity liquid.
Operator : 6 Person
Maximum filling capacity : 15 C.C.
Filling Capacity : 40,000 pcs / 8hrs.(Depends on the viscosity of bulk and the volume of container.)