Spiral Filling Machine
Color Spiral Filling Machine


Quadra-Swirled Helix Filling Machine

Our company is specialized in manufacturing 4 color Spiral Filling Machine.
  1. The frame of the Color Spiral Filling Machine(Swirled Helix Filling Machine) is made by aluminum-pressed structure and SUS304 material.
  2. Color Spiral Filling Machine operates by Man-machine and the parameter is easy to set up.
  3. Two actions are controlled by oil cylinder
    - Speed of filling and intake adjustment
    - Arise/down filling nozzle.
  4. Timer can be pre-set for up to 24 hours for pre-heating purpose.
  5. The easy-to-operate single nozzle design makes product’s graphical formation in uniform.
  6. Color Spiral Filling Machine with separate temperature control for each color.
  7. Target Products:Multiple-Swirled Helix serum Products,swirled helix serum Products,Fondation,Lip Gloss,Primer,Toothpaste,Lotion.
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Electrical : 220V 3 Phase
Power : 4KW
Dimensions : 1200mm(L)x1000mm(W)x1800mm(H)
Tank Capacity : 10 L Each Color
Operators:1 perso
Capacity : 5,000 –7,500 pcs/8 hrs
Maximum Filling Capacity : 10C.C. per Color