Pencil Filling Machine
Pencil Filling Machine


Eye Pencil Filling Machine

LS08-P3 is a pencil filling machine which specifically designed for filling high viscosity material. Such as eyeliners or eyebrow pencils.


LS08-P3 is able to fill 12 pencil container simultaneously. The setting-up steps are plain and simple. It can also remember up 50 combinations, saving your time on setting different parameters.

Similar to many other machines we make, LS08-P3 is made with excellent metal materials. Its frame constructs by aluminum extruded metal with SUS-grade canopy.

It comes in with 10 liter double jacket (air tight) tank. The stirring speed and temperature are adjustable. During stand-by mode, the piston will continues to work circulating the filling in the tank. This can prevent heavy ingredient, such as pearl or sequin from precipitate at the bottom.

Action of the filling are driven by piston pump. The nozzles raise up and down to fill the container avoiding excessed air goes into the tube during filling. All steps are processed and monitored by PLC and servo motor to ensure the fluency of production. The maximum filling capacity is within 5 ml with ±0.05㏄ deviation.

The interface is combined with touch panel. You can adjust parameters via it for desired outcome. Any abnormal functionality will be shown on the interface, helping operators avoid possible risks.

Its heating ability is able to gradually melt the ingredient without damaging its original texture. Also, LS08-P3 has preheating design, allowing you to preheat the ingredient in tank 24 hours prior to the filling.
Temperatures of tank, valve and nozzle are built independently from one another, you can adjust them separately.

[We also do modification base on our standard machine. If you’d like to change the size of tank, adding nozzle or accessories to the machine, please contact us. We’ll let our R&D team evaluates the design and giving the quotation base on your special modification.]
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Maximum Filling Capacity:5ml

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Target Product:Eyeliner Pencil, Automatic Pencil, Eyebrow Pencil, Lip Pencil, twist eyeliner pencil