Lipstick Filling Machine
Automatic Rotation Lip Gloss/Mascara Filling Machine


Rotation Lip Gloss/Mascara Filling Machine

a.Manual insert empty bottles

b.Auto filling
1. Rise-dive filling system with sucking valve which can prevent polluting the collar of the bottles.
2. This station has empty bottles examine device.
3. With one set movable 30 liter single jacket pressure tank (SUS304)

c. Auto feed wiper
1. Auto feed wiper machine by vibrator.
2. This station has exam device of wiper.

d. Auto press wiper
1. Auto pressing wiper machine.
2. Exam device for faulty product and the faulty one will go down to the collection area.

e. Auto feed cap
1. Auto feed cap machine.
2. Manual put cap on the 1 meter long conveyer.
3. The conveyer is movable and the speed of conveyer is adjustable.

f. Auto pressing cap

g.Auto capping
1. Jaw capping machine. Three jaws style which can prevent surface of cap attrite. And the capping torque is adjustable.
2. The system is run by servo, and the speed is adjustable.

h. Auto push out product
1. The product would be push out from the rotation plate auto.
2. The material of runway is soft that won’t make marks on the product.
Electrical: 220V/1ψ
Max filling capacity: 15ml
Dimension: 2700(L) x 2100(W) x 1700(H) mm
Weight: 480 kg
Capacity: 24-28 pcs/min(filling capacity 5ml)
Operator: 3 person(one insert empty bottles and the other one put the cap on conveyer)
Compress Air: 5-7kg/cm2
1. 30 Liter tank