Pencil Filling Machine


Eyebrow Pencil Jet Machine

EP01-J can fill 18 eyeliners/eyebrow pencils simultaneously. The appearance of finished products looks satiety, sharp and bubble-less.
It’s an excellent machine especially when you are looking for fast yield or filling high-viscosity material into containers.

EP01-J is an 18-nozzle filling machine which is specifically designed for eyeliners and eyebrow pencils.
The machine can work with variety of containers or cases. Unless the shape of containers is way too unique, otherwise you don’t have to buy another machine just because your casings have been changed.
The 18-nozzle itself can be dissembled quickly from the machine with minimum effort. This makes it very handy to be cleaned and maintained.
One of the many pros of EP01-J is that the machine is operated under PLC with servo motor. Its touch panel can adjust filling volume and speed which helps to avoid blockage from high-viscosity materials due to rapid filling.

Hydraulic system builds within EP01-J holds the casing together preventing material from leaking out when pressure is applied.

The fabric roll from the bottom (of the mold) helps to exhaust air and absorb possible exceed material that escape during filling.
1. Controlled by PLC, SERVO. Every system are easy to operate on touch panel.

2. Temperatures of pre-heating board, tank, valve and nozzle are controlled independently.

3. Hydraulic system hold the mould to prevent leaking that caused by high pressure.

4. Combination of automatic cloth-rolling system is for perfect shaped-product.


OPERATOR: 1 person

DIMENSION: 950(L)*750(W)*1,200(H) mm

CAPACITY: 4,300-5,400 pcs/ hour